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About Us

We work daily to fulfill our mission by empowering young people and equipping them with tools that can lead to rewarding careers as published authors.

Program Overview

For several months youth are put through a rigorous writing course with homework and other writing prompts that assist youth with the development of their writing. The program is progressive and moves quickly as youth begin to complete their work. Time management is the key to success during the time youth are participating in the program.

Young Authors are taught marketing skills and how to plan and produce a book by the end of the program. After books are complete, we introduce newly published authors to the community, by hosting a book release, inviting friends, family, school staff and other community members.

Since 2011 and three cohorts later, we have successfully published 23 authors, in three different neighborhoods within the Seattle area. It is our goal to expand our program in other urban areas. We recognize that young people have fascinating stories to tell and the creativity to capture a real audience.



Frankie Roe – Founder
Frankie Roe - Founder

Frankie Roe is an author, publisher, visionary, entrepreneur and youth advocate with extensive experience helping youth realize their full potential. She believes in helping youth achieve success through entrepreneurship and creativity. Ms. Roe embraces positive transformation and encourages youth to own their power. Being labeled “at risk” while growing up in California, has provided an example to all youth that perseverance and determination can help overcome any obstacle. Her ultimate goal is to provide a platform that will assist youth in becoming world renowned authors and storytellers.

Patrick Snow – 2011 Authoring Coach
Patrick Snow - 2011 Authoring Coach

PATRICK SNOW is an international best-selling author, professional keynote speaker, publishing-speaking and book marketing coach. As a publishing coach, he has mentored more than 750 clients throughout the world to successfully publish their fiction, non-fiction, memoir, legacy, or children’s book.

Saba Tekle – 2012 Authoring Coach

Saba Tekle – 2012 Authoring Coach

Saba Tekle is a Publisher, Best Selling Author, Inspirational Speaker and Mentor. She was featured in Matt Morris’s, “The Art and Science of Success” Volume 4 & 7, and has an eBook “Are You Lost?” available on Kindle.

Caroline Rex-Waller – 2013 Authoring Coach

Caroline Rex-Waller – 2013 Authoring Coach

Waller is an English major and curriculum developer.

Shiloh Shroeder – Senior Graphics Designer